When We Went to the Republic in New York

New York

We’ve heard nothing but good things about The Republic from friends and family, so we figured it was time we gave it a try. After all, we were without kids that night, which means it was the perfect opportunity to go to a pub and sit at the bar–something we seldom do since the little ones are almost always in toe.

It was a Saturday evening, and the bar was pretty full, a few parties were at tables, and we lucked out with two open seats at the end of the bar. We were immediately greeted and taken care of by the bartender, got menus to look over and we looked around at what others were eating. Sweet potato tater tots seemed to be pretty popular but we weren’t in the mood for those. Maybe next time.

We decided on Buffalo Wings to start with house made blue cheese dressing, and we each ordered a burger–bad idea! We easily could have shared just one burger because the portion was so large, which we would’ve known if we really read the menu! 1/2lb ground sirloin (or turkey if you’d like) served with fries or pasta salad. We chose The Republic burger with bacon, cheddar, irish whisky BBQ sauce, and onion strings, as well as The Oinker which was topped with pulled pork, onion strings, and irish whisky BBQ sauce.

The wings were great, a little under-sauced but seasoned plenty and crispy with a nice kick. The burgers were cooked perfectly medium as requested, and tasted delicious, both pretty similar in flavor profiles. Smoky tangy pork and BBQ sauce, with the crispiness of the onion strings on The Oinker, and smoky tangy BBQ, crispy bacon and onion strings and salty cheese on The Republic. Nearly the same, only The Oinker was absolutely huge because of the added pulled pork on top of the burger. We’d recommend both of them.

We skipped dessert since we were so full, but think next time we will leave room for the Johnny Cakes Rainbow Cookie Cheesecake. It looks out of this world!

Service from start to finish was great, we never felt ignored which can sometimes happen when you’re sitting at the bar. Overall, a great night and we look forward to trying much more from their mouth watering menu.

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