Holidays At the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is an ideal place to relax from morning to evening in mineral and aromatic baths, sweat under a felt blanket after hydrogen sulfide treatments, expose your face and body for peeling, flounder in a jacuzzi and pretend to be a float in a pool of “dead” water.

For those who love an active lifestyle, kayaking and landing on the Putorana plateau, Suvorov crossing the Alps, racing across the Atlantic, and delighting in the spirit of Fedor Konyukhov, the Dead Sea is contraindicated. For everyone else who does not need to artificially increase the content of adrenaline in the blood, it is quite suitable. And even especially useful when you are exhausted by work, family, and life, or, God forbid, nervous and sick, or you just do not have enough sun.

At the Dead Sea, it is good to treat “winter depressions”. Decision makers, that is, top managers, are most susceptible to them. They are bad in winter. They miss the sun. And rest in general.

They usually travel to the southern hemisphere or to the extreme points of the Mediterranean for sun and relaxation. There they still have to be in society: resorts, social life according to all the rules. There they have to smear themselves with sunscreen so as not to return to work with inflamed faces. In short, they have to work to rest. And it should be the other way around. Run them into the Dead Sea to soak. The trick of nature is that nowhere else in the world is there such a sun, such water, and such air. This was known even to Cleopatra, who, thanks to personal connections, arranged for herself baths on the Dead Sea.

She knew how to preserve the beauty and vitality of the body! The main feature of the Dead Sea is that it is 400 meters below sea level. It is always hot here, and due to evaporation, a high concentration of salts and minerals is created in the water, and even in a unique combination. Chlorides of magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc. That is, seawater and various muds of the Dead Sea are healing. In addition, because it is in such a special position, the sun’s rays travel an additional 400 meters, and the ultraviolet radiation here is weaker than anywhere else. This means that you can get burned, but you need to try hard. Finally, dry, clean air.

In short, the place is special, about which the ancients knew as well as we do. Cleopatra, for example, appreciated this region very much. Mark Antony, as you understand, too.

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