Did You Forget to Pack Anything?


Your bags are packed, your travel plans finalized, your tickets purchased, and you’re ready to head out on your adventure. Hopefully, you haven’t forgotten to pack anything essential, and you’ll remember to turn everything off and lock everything up as you leave, and you’ve made plans for someone to take care of the houseplants. Everything is in order, all eventualities covered. Or are they?

Health Insurance & Travel Policy

When traveling overseas, remember that your regular health coverages probably won’t be in force to protect you in case of an emergency. While we hope it never does, the unexpected can happen, and costs can quickly rise. Depending on the nature of your illness or emergency, it is likely that you won’t be able to return home for treatment. Travelers would do well to consider having an overseas health insurance policy in force before embarking on their journey. Not only do travel policies protect you in the event of an illness, injury, or another medical emergency as far as covering necessary medical treatment, but they can cover associated expenses that arise because of travel, which would never be addressed by your regular health insurance policy.

Expenses associated with travel delays, the return of a rental car, replacement of damaged rental ski equipment, and other costs not normally associated with health insurance can be covered with a health insurance policy developed specifically for travelers. You can even be compensated for the loss of income when your illness prevents you from returning to work when expected. Your lost luggage and even extended boarding for your pets in case you are injured and can’t return on time can even be covered.

When you’re planning a travel holiday, you want to focus on being able to enjoy your trip. One small unexpected mishap can completely shipwreck all of your carefully-laid travel plans, run up expenses into many thousands of dollars, and be very difficult to recover from financially in the long run. Having a policy in effect that will cover necessary medical care and may even allow you to smoothly resume your travel plans can turn what might have been a major personal disaster into just a minor bump in your travel plans.

Hopefully, you will never need your coverage, but the peace of mind it provides and the potential benefits, if you should need them, will be priceless.

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