Best Restaurants to Visit in Macau


The vast nation of China boasts of many beautiful travel destinations. To the northwest, there’s the Gansu Province, home to the Great Wall’s Jiayu Pass. To the south, you have the Special Administrative Regions Hong Kong and Macau. As former European colonies, Hong Kong and Macau have developed cultures unique to the rest of the mainland.

Known worldwide as the mecca for luxury gaming, the former Portuguese colony Macau is also home to some of the best restaurants on the planet. In a nutshell, Macanese food is a fusion of Portuguese cuisine with ingredients and recipes from Sichuan province, Hong Kong, and other Chinese culinary schools. The result is a city with an advanced palate, where fantastic sweet, savory, and spicy dishes can be found in nearly every street corner. Here’s a closer look at some of the best places to grab a bite in Macau.


This vintage wine lounge is known for its cheese board, prosciutto, and bresaola Della Valtellina – high quality air-dried beef with a touch of olive oil and lemon. Meanwhile, the bar offers various whiskies, wines, and beers. While MacauSoul is located within the winding streets of the city’s Historical Centre, it’s relatively easy to find for its proximity to the iconic ruins of St. Paul’s cathedral. Once you finish your meal, it is recommended that you visit the ruins as a guide to Macau by notes that it is one of the city’s most recognizable spots. With its Spanish-style edifice featuring the craftsmanship of Japanese monks, St. Paul’s is a tourist favourite, surrounded by some of the best restaurants and cafes in Macau.

Veggie Castle

North of MacauSoul and west of St. Paul’s lies one of the city’s few vegetarian restaurants, Veggie Castle. This cosy spot features a 100% vegetarian menu and mostly Italian dishes, which makes it the perfect place to fill up on risotto, handmade pizza, aubergine burger, and vegan chocolate tart cakes guilt-free. In a place that’s known for Portuguese-Chinese Macanese culinary fusion, Veggie Castle holds up the fort for Italian-American veganism.


Topping the list in’s guide to the best authentic Macanese restaurants in the city, Riquexó is a no-fuss dining institution in the city. This is where you can sample traditional dishes like minchi, which is spiced minced meat stir-fried with potatoes and served with white rice. The place is also famous for its African chicken, a spicy Macanese take on classic Indian curry. Riquexó’s traditional menu is the work of the legendary Aida de Jesus, the unofficial ‘Godmother of Macanese Cuisine’ who recently died at 105 years old.

Restaurante Litoral

Located near several places of worship including the historic A-Ma Temple in the Barra area, Restaurante Litoral is affectionately known to some locals as the ‘Spiritual Home of Macanese Cuisine.’ Apart from their own take on African chicken curry, this is also where you’ll find curry crab, tacho or Macanese meat stew, and other classic fusion dishes. Restaurante Litoral maintains a traditional look, from its European facade to the paintings of old Macau that hang on its luxurious interiors.

This is just a glimpse of Macau’s wild culinary scene. And if you’re up for a visit to Macau, you can look forward to discovering more restaurants, cafes, and diners hidden amid the city’s winding streets.

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