Sun Life RV Resort: A Trip Down Memory Lane


Today I am gonna tell you about the famous Mesa, Arizona Temple Lights, located just a few minutes away from our very own Sun Life RV Resort! Such a breathtaking sight has been a local Christmas tradition for years and still remains as one of the city’s most popular attractions. There are so many other beautiful places to see, restaurants to dine in to, fun places to enjoy and thrilling activities to do in Mesa. Thus, it’s a top destination for those who want to experience a life of comfort, fun and excitement without the suffocating feel of staying in a busy and congested city.

In fact, Cal Am Resorts has a total of 6 different branches situated in Mesa, Arizona including Sun Life RV Resort. We have been providing a safe and happy environment to satisfied residents and regular guests over the years. In Sun Life, you should expect the same state-of-the-art facilities, top notch entertainment programs, courteous and accommodating staff plus very friendly neighbors and friends! All of these will surely make your stay worthwhile! You should find them at 5055 E. University Drive, Mesa, Arizona. Just use Google Maps below or your ever dependable GPS should you need exact driving directions.

You can contact us via their Sun Life Facebook Fan Page if you have questions or you can also check Cal Am Resorts’ official website out. You should see the rates, terms, resort details and other useful information there. You can also browse our available units for sale and for rent. And if you want to get a sneak peak of the resort itself, click here for a virtual tour. We’ve been having so much fun in Sun Life RV Resort and we want you to be a part of our lovely and happy community. Hopefully, this short slideshow will convince you into visiting us very soon! See you!

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