Climbing in Sicily


I admit I don’t understand anything about today’s blog topic – it’s about climbing steep rock faces, a fascinating act of courage and strength – simply referred to as “climbing”. But despite my lack of practical knowledge, I would like to bring you closer to Sicily as a climbing paradise, because the sunny island has three advantages: many rock faces suitable for climbing, a climate that enables sports even in winter and of course the beauty of the island – such a combination of nature and culture is rarely found.

There are enough rocks in Sicily – and sun too!

Oh yes, and fourth, not to forget the Sicilian cuisine. But I deviate – it’s supposed to be about climbing. I’ve been browsing the web for this. The Bergzeit blog raves about climbing Palermo’s local mountain, Monte Pellegrino. Due to the proximity to the vibrant city, you can still visit bars or indulge in culture after the climbing trip. You can find practical tips for the latter here.

Mount Pellegrino and at its feet the port of Palermo

The most beautiful climbing location is San Vito Lo Capo on the west coast – here you can climb with a sea view and then relax on the sandy beach. You can climb high up into the treetops in a family-friendly way in the Madonie. In this nature park in the hinterland of Cefalù there is an adventure park with ropes course – here is a video about it .

Are you satisfied with gradients under 90° and just want to hike? Then you will find routes of all levels of difficulty in Sicily. My favorite hiking trails are those with sea views – a particularly beautiful combination of sky, earth and water in the Lo Zingaro nature reserve on the west coast of Sicily. Three different hiking trails with different altitude profiles lead through the nature park – and you can even swim in really beautiful bays.

Bathing bay in the Lo Zingaro nature reserve

You can start the excursion for climbing tours from these holiday locations.

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